Through Heaven’s Eyes

“Through Heaven’s Eyes” was placed in my path today. God was telling me to stop putting my value in dollars and cents, but in the service that I perform. So many times in life I have desired and wanted what others have. What I always tend to forget is that those things were not meant for me, just as my path is not meant for anyone else. Even though we may share some similar sightings in another’s story, we don’t know all the backstory it took to place them there.

I called one of my Acting and Spiritual friends today and told her how God has a sense of humor and is always on time. He only gives us what we need when he has positioned us to be ready for it. He will take us through the fire, flood, snowstorms, hailstorms, and rocky seas just to place us on solid ground and rejoice for bringing us through it all. I also told my sister today that God had me go through the dirt just to get to the diamond.

Honestly, I am amazed at myself for getting so big headed of myself lately. God has ben teaching me my value but he has also been teaching me to treat it humbly and not flaunt it, internally or externally. That is what I have been doing as of late is talking like I am something more than I am. I am more than what I have allowed people to treat me like this year, but I am also not more important than anyone else. We are all equal on earth but worth more in our own individual lane. I am the best version of Jeffrey Charles Fleming that has the life path and experiences I have had an no one can top that.

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