Navigating Finances

Yesterday, I had the epiphany that I need to go on a spending moratorium. This moratorium would only be on eating out. If I want to consume food, it has to come from a grocery store. No matter what job or jobs I may have, I need to stop spending money, just because I think I have it and it will always come right back to me. Even if there are no limits to anything in life, it doesn’t mean I should let that encourage me to spend like I make a million dollars an hour of my waking hours.

I just don’t know how to best process money, its purpose and especially not its purpose in my life. I typically have cycles where I dig myself into this big financial hole and then climb out and dig myself into the next spot over. Recently, I have shared memories of my freshman year of college where I was given an allowance by my Aunt. The amount made me feel rich whenever it hit my account. I wish at the time I knew more about how to save. I would most likely put all of that money in a savings account that I can’t touch easily, with my knowledge of money now. I have been blessed a couple of times since then with “huge” sums of money to be responsible over.

This time around I did not want to get reckless and decided to aggressively deal with my finances by putting two plans in action. Securing a job that would allow me to make money enough to save and live. I am not saving for the fun or sake of saving. I am saving to use those funds to reinvest in my family, my church, my Alma Mater and myself down the line.

This week I celebrated my one-year anniversary as a resident of DC, for the second time. This time paying out of my personal bank account (with a few other people’s help.) God is so good to let me continue making baby steps in the right direction to what he wants me to do with my life. While I don’t know right now, I know I am on my journey of my purpose to meeting my destiny.

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