I have been facing a crossroad lately and didn’t even realize it. I have been at the intersection of faith in God and faith in man. Most of the time I find myself on the road of faith in man, but I keep getting circled back to the faith in God road to remind me of the path I am supposed to be on. One of the biggest reasons I feel I am always pulled to the faith in man road is because for most of my life, I have felt like an outsider and just wanted to feel connected to the people on the inside. My devotions today helped me realize the importance of going down the faith in God road.

Down that road is a path to trusting him more, a road to praising him and a road to no cares or no worries. I really like the road to no cares or worries; because I have had so many in my life as of late, that I am trying to break free from. The reason I have been worried is because I listened and followed what “man” made me believe is supposed to happen for me. I truly want to ignore what man has set as an example of life and pay attention to what God has set as an example for my life.

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