2018 Monthly Affirmations

Each month this year I have had a different daily affirmation to help with my thinking and how I move through the day.  A lot of the affirmations that I used this year came from a book that I read: Acting from a Spiritual Perspective.

January- I love to be doing only that which is truly good for me.

February- I delight in being throughly prepared and am willing to do the work to become so.

March- I am as intelligent and talented as the greatest thinkers and artists the world has ever known.

April- I am cool, calm, collected, and ready for action! Let me at it!

May- I am cool, calm, collected and ready for action! Let me at it!

June- I did it! I did it God’s way I did it well! Tangible progress can’t help but result! Thank you, God.

July- I live according to the spiritual laws of being and therefore, I am secure, successful, and spiritually satisfied!

August- We are all stars, and life needs us all to shine for life to be fully aglitter.  I am a star!

September- I am the greatest thinker in my universe.

October- I have what it takes, it is never too late; my success is presently occurring!

November- I am being led to the right agent(s) who will be delighted to represent me.  Thank you, God!

December- I am on my path, in my right place doing my right work.  All is well and I am at peace!

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