Roller coaster 2018

The last month of a roller coaster year is here. I am excited that I have survived it. The only way I survived it was through God’s grace and mercy. I started the year about to come back to DC and find out my dad was sick with cancer. Most of January I was dealing with him being sick, trying to make enough money to cover life expenses while working more than four or five jobs, and doing my best with my Alumni Association. At the end of January my dad passed and I had to go into a totally different zone to get through and organize everything that needed to happen, which was not easy. What held me up was my mom and my family on his side, especially his brother and sister-in-law, my uncle and aunt. For the next few months I was back and forward between Richmond and DC handling matters that needed my attention through early March. After I got over that hurdle I had to find stable employment so that I could continue to reside in DC. I found a few more opportunities that came right on time. Then there was another setback. Wells Fargo hit me with the one two punch wanting to collect their coins…

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