Longest Post Ever in 2018

So I want to make this post short, but I am not sure how possible that will be. This is a post to reflect on life post-Easter 2018. In the last week I had so many interesting adventures. My Monday was rather calm, but most of the day I drove for Uber with no real issues. I also stopped by Howard’s campus and talked to the students who were protesting the Administration. Oh yea, before that I helped my friend from back home with her tour for the students from her church. I was able to help gather some brothers of mine on campus to join us and help guide a group from the tour. The experience was rewarding and naturally an educational experience for me. One thing I learned that stuck with me is that Howard has only had 5 black Presidents (6 if you include the woman who served as Interim.) I do believe that the experience for the students was rewarding as well. Especially because they were able to see Howard from many different points of view that were key to their personal developmental life stages.

Tuesday was another interesting day. I did Uber for a few hours that morning. The significance about Ubering last week was that it was the first week. I was able to get promotions and bonuses. They truly are incentives to get you out on the road, working extremely hard to cover life expenses. On Tuesday, I also had my last day as an Assistant Teacher with a 3 week Residency I was doing with one of the theater companies I work for. As I was leaving I experienced some interesting things with my car. I was alarmed, but did not panic. However, I knew that I had to get my car have some work done. I knew I couldn’t get my glove box, so I called m mom to help me get in touch with our insurance company so I could get a tow truck to take me to an auto body shop. I went to Goodyear because I knew I had an inside track to helping get service.   Unfortunately, this location was not like other locations I have worked with before. I utilized my resources in the DMV area and called a friend who may have recommendations for somewhere else to take my car and I took it to Merchant’s. They offered me a rebate to help decrease the cost and we went from there and thanks to family I was able to have the car repaired. It was available on Thursday and I began to Uber as soon as I picked it up.

Wednesday was a moderately interesting day. The students at Howard were still protesting and in the A-building. Therefore, my phone was still buzzing with email, groupme, FB and text notifications. All the while I was in the house having a day of reflection to just keep my mind at peace. I did have to go to work my class that afternoon, so I took the city bus to class. This was the second time I had experienced taking a bus to get around, after the time I locked myself out the house. After work I took the bus to Shiloh for choir rehearsal. It lasted longer than I expected and I was still trying to get a clear picture of what was going on with my car. I did enjoy rehearsal and tried not to worry or stress about my car. The easiest way to do this was to charge my already dying phone. I knew I also had at least 3 conference calls I should be on sometime after rehearsal. When I left I got an Uber ride home and joined the 2nd of the 3 calls and even participated by asking a whole question. Originally I just planned to listen, but decided to ask a question. When this call was over, I joined the 3rd call. Due to the fact that there was so much noise going on and I was in the Uber, I got off the call. When I got home I was tired, mentally, and went to sleep.

Thursday came and I knew I needed to b persistent about checking up on the status of my car, because I would need it that evening to travel to my new job. When I realized I wouldn’t have my car in time to travel, I informed them that I would try to come to volunteer and push the second part of my orientation to the next day. The person who was going to train me suggested to do it all on Friday instead. This worked best for me. Once I got my car I could drive for Uber more. So I did that and took a small break and went back to it.

Friday, I didn’t do much, but I did do a few Uber trips in the morning. Got ready to head out after eating and addressing some matters regarding the A-building takeover. All of this pushed me behind schedule to leave for Frederick, MD and I was at least an hour later than I initially planned. I got much more in depth training on what I would be expected to do in my job. After this I shadowed one of the Ensemble Volunteers and helped with greeting guests and checking them in. Then the show began. I fought off so much sleep and struggled through the first act. I helped with concessions and decided to leave for the drive back. When I got back into DC, I decided to pit stop and connect with some brothers of mine. It was good to see and catch up with them. Then, I went HOME. I had a busy Saturday start.

Saturday, I had my class then House Managing. Both of them were very calm. I went home, got a bite to eat and then took a nice rest break. I got up and went out to Uber until 6 amish.

Sunday was the day the choir was to sing and I planned to sing in the early morning service. I got to church later than I hoped to, but didn’t miss much. This was my first time singing in the service at Shiloh and while I was nervous, I truly enjoyed myself. Next up was Sunday School class. I was probably the quietest I have been in class ever, but I got still appreciated the class. When class was over I was planning to go to brunch with my brothers and so I had some time to kill and drove for Uber for a little bit more. Brunch was extremely fun. While still fellowshipping, I found out about a meeting I should attend and headed out to do so. This was a major day of firsts, because this was my first time attending this meeting. I learned a lot and cant wait for the next one. I went home and rested up again so I could go back out and finish my promotion deal with Uber, even if that meant staying out until 4am. Lo and behold it took that long to get 5 WHOLE trips. Most of my trips were long ones of at least 10 miles or more. I had one trip however that is definitely my most interesting experience. It was the first time I had to put someone out of my car. I got the notice for the trip. Arrived at the pickup destination that was put in the system. This was not a real pickup spot, so I called the passenger. They told me where they were. I drove about 5 minutes to get to them. This was about 2am and they were leaving a Gentleman’s Club. I arrived to the correct spot. They were not there. I tried calling them and they call went directly to voicemail. They must have cancelled the trip before I went in and said that I had the wrong address. Then somebody came up and opened my door, and got in. For 5 minutes I tried to figure out if he was my passenger, understand what he was saying and then get him out of my car. I began dialing 911 and when he saw I actually called, he got out. I called Uber and had to beg for them to give me credit for that trip. They didn’t so I had to do 4 more trips still. Needless to say I was close to calling it quits until I got the call for the last passenger I needed.

All in all I had an eventful week that needed retelling. I learned some tricks to maneuvering in DC and with Uber. I was inspired from moments in the week and I definitely had some wild adventures. However, I kept God with me all the way so I rejoice!!!

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