Spread Love

Having lost my dad this year, hearing the news or finding out about people I know or knew in my life, passing, is extremely rough. For about two months after he passed there were so many notices of people losing loved ones and each time it was someone I respected in some light. I think I realized in losing so many people this year that I need to share and spread love more.

However, before I can spread love, I need to truly take time to love myself more. Most of my life I have wanted to be there and do for other people. It feels great, but then when I give so much of me at times it feels like I am not getting anything back in return. What that really proves to me is that I have not taken the time to love me, and care for me and truly get to know me. The periods of time in my life recently where I have gotten to know me is when I am alone and no one I know is near me. I usually am reading something during those moments or writing down a little bit about who I am. I want to get back to those days more regularly. It is going to be a bit of a fight more than ever in my life right now.

I don’t want to leave this earth without having any idea of my life’s great purpose.

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