Trying is Showing Up: Personal Reflection

This title of this episode is how I try to live life. I try to at least show up and have a can do attitude. There are so many times when it takes a lot of energy to get out and about. Once I finally do move out the house I feel encouraged to arrive and be on top of it all. There have been times in my life when I show up and that makes a huge difference. I need to work more on than just showing up, but showing up, trying, caring, and striving for excellence. I have in the past stopped “showing up” in certain spaces because of broken promises which cause me to become uninspired. I can imagine this happens a lot of times to people who are following their dreams. They get sold a picture of one thing and the reality becomes the total episode opposite of the dream they were sold.

The last piece that I got from this episode is that “love doesn’t fit in a box.” I would be very leery about love if it did come in a box, because from all the loving experiences I have felt in my life, love would not be able to fit in any box. Just God’s love alone is bigger than any space imaginable, so the love I have received from him, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, family, friends, strangers and myself could not be measured or contained in a space.

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