A Year from Now

I have no clue why I have fallen off so much with journaling. Maybe because I wasn’t committed to myself and my journey. However, after today’s devotions talking about journaling our blessings and our growth, I couldn’t avoid journaling. I even wrote down things I am grateful for in my Book of Abundance. These past couple months have been interesting. I can’t even begin to list all the blessings God has bestowed upon me. Things I know I have taken for granted. Saying that triggered my mind to think of something my mom keeps telling me when I am feeling like I am in a valley. She says “a year from now, you won’t remember this moment in time.” That is partially true. I say partially because if I kept track of all of my “valley moment” in my journal. I would remember them. However, I feel as though if God wants me to remember the worst of my struggles he will bring them back as memories.

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