Do You Feel Free?: Personal Reflection

Does anyone ever know what true freedom is? In my pursuit of acting, I have felt moments of freedom and moments where I feel I am attached to so many different strings. Not sure why that is, but I guess I need to do some more soul searching to find my freedom and to be able to maintain it as well. The first message from this episode was “What dos it mean to feel free?”

The next message was when the lady told Malachi to “just show up and God will give you the words.” There have been so many times in my life as of late where I had no clue what to say or how to express effectively what needed to be shared. In those moments, I called on God for help to find the words and he gave them to me. Last year or two years ago, I imparted the lesson of just showing up being half the battle. A lot of times God just wants us to show up with him and he will carry us the rest of the way, with the right words to say.

The last message, which truly hit home was “some people decide not to live life the way they’ve been told.” When it comes to being free, this is possibly the best mantra. Growing up in society, they convince us we are supposed to live a certain way. Do certain things for success. If you aren’t successful, you are worthless. The thing about this is the people who place those standards in the world are the ones who have been there most of their life. They don’t want to se anyone else be happy and do something different, so they try to hold people down because they are scared. Live life on your terms and not anyone else’s.


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