Signs of the Seasons

Snow Day 2018 in spring 2018. How 2018 of us to have, this experience. Maybe this is a time for me to truly test something that I have been working on with God. He has some unique ways to get our attention and let us know what it is he wants us to learn. I have had a lot of different experiences since I stopped being a full time teacher that I am glad to have had. I have had experiences that truly made me appreciate God’s grace and mercy.   Studying the bible and learning that all He wants us to do is be obedient to him. What I am glad to know however is even if I had been following all of His rules according to the bible; God still ensures that we have trials and tribulations to get closer to him.   This is not excusing any behavior I have had in the past or may have in the future. I hope that in my future I can work to be more obedient.

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