God’s Word

Nine days later is not bad to be writing in my journal. There have been longer gaps for sure. However, I really don’t know what to write about right now. I will say I am blessed to have the support system of loving, caring, and generous people on my side. Even when I don’t feel as though I deserve the blessings I get in life, I know that somewhere in my life I have deserved them. In reflecting on some of my devotions this Lenten Season; I am beginning to see more and more each day, how God’s WORD is truly a guidebook to our lives. I wish that I always stayed on the path with it, however I travel on the road more traveled. By that I mean following the crowd and society instead of following God. I do believe that everyone’s journey is different, but I also know our journeys could be more similar if we studied His word more individually and as family, whether it be your biological, adopted, church, friends, or work family. We all need to take time to study the word much more than we probably do. On Pandora today, one song was called “The Word.” I don’t remember most of it, but I do remember it had me realize how prevalent God’s word is to our every day lives. As a child there was a point that I did want to do bible study, but somehow and somewhere along my life journey I grew disinterested. I did love going to Sunday School and Children or Youth Group activities where we learned about God. But I don’t remember it really clicking back then how His word applied to my life, other than to say be nice to people. Maybe the word never truly kicked in because I was a child not having too many stresses up what I was doing in my life.

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