The other day I completed my first book of the year SOAR by TD Jakes. It was inspirational and I took some noteworthy things from it to help me move forward and SOAR. It was funny when I shared with my mom that I had finished because she said I didn’t take any notes. I told her that I took a few notes. One thing I know about me is even if I take a million notes from something, such as a book, they may not get me far. I have to start by taking one thing away from each book. When I get to the point that I have read ALL the books I have on my reading wish list, whether virtual or physical, then I will go back and read the books that stood out to me before. I am at a point in life where I want to read and soak in as many books as possible. If I do that I will be applying millions of things to my life. I am truly coming into a sense of how important reading is and how much it can feed your soul. There have been some books that I have enjoyed and some I haven’t. I experienced books that inspire me even though they were meant for entertainment or educational purposes. Books and the knowledge that come from them is extremely freeing.

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