Immediate Test

Man is this life thing wonky sometimes. As soon as you turn to God to ask for growth in a certain area that you are weak in he goes to work. Less than 2 hours after getting off work, I experienced some major faith testing moments. I had to get my right rear signal light changed. I went to Advanced Auto, because I knew I was also going to need tools and a light bulb for one of my high beam lights. I wanted to verify as well whether or not the bulb I already had purchased for my signal was the correct bulb. Naturally, it was not. So I retrieved the correct bulb for my signal, with the help of one of the store associates. With the price of both bulbs it was roughly $27 (after tax.) I asked if there were any coupons to use. She said with a purchase of $30 or more I could get $5 off my next purchase of $30 or more. I found 2 more items to get this deal. Well I borrowed two of their tools to begin doing the light bulb change. While using the screwdriver, I realized that it wasn’t turning. That may have been because I was moving too fast. I left that alone for a second and went to work on the bolts. What I realized once I got the bolts off is that I definitely needed to get the screw off because it loosened the light panel cover. I went back in and asked the gentleman if he could help me and he said he couldn’t because of liability. So I asked if he could just look to make sure I wasn’t crazy about the screw not working. He said you could try to get if off with a flat head. I did, but realized and remembered I was working with a screw. I finally decided to leave and go somewhere I could get some help. So I decided to go to Firestone. On my way there I went and got a necessary car wash for my car. I called Firestone in advance to see if they could and would help me. They said they probably couldn’t. I decided to just go and talk to them in their face. They said the same thing, that they couldn’t do it. The guy did suggest I go to Ford and that is what I did and where I am now while writing this. You may be wondering how all of this ties into God going to wok right away. Well I asked God, when I left work to help me get back to trusting him and putting my faith in him to provide my needs. Well when I got to Ford, they said simply for the labor, they would have to charge me $30. I immediately freaked out because I saw another $30 going out right after that with me needing gas to go drive for Uber/Lyft tonight. I wrote most of this note in a very frustrated state of mind. I hope that I can get a renewed energy and spirit to endure tonight and tomorrow to make money with Uber/Lyft. The lady, who shall remain anonymous, put a smile on my face with a York Peppermint Pattie. Shout out to the Ford on Broad Street in Richmond!

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