Launch at 85%

Clearly I have gotten behind on doing my journal writing. I do believe it has to do with the fact that I was not prioritizing my daily task list. Maybe it was because I was not focused and in the zone. Now I am back with the understanding and knowledge of the importance to God first. What has been missing along the past 5 days that I have not written in my journal are my daily devotion. They come right after my daily affirmation discipline book. I don’t want to get off track like that too much in the future. Another realization I had this week is the importance of giving something my all and then releasing it at 85%. If I stress about perfection, which is impossible, I will never truly benefit because no one will see all I want them to see. That is just like my blog. I have not been consistent in posting on the blog. I have been writing a lot of entries, but I need to also focus on making sure that the world sees them.

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