Last week my mom had a heart to heart conversation with me that truly inspired me. It was apparently exactly what I needed to kick me in the butt with inspiration. She threw a slogan at me, with her own twist as only she can. She motivated me to work harder as an Uber/Lyft driver to bring in more money to be able to pay my bills. I realized that I needed to be strategic about how I work. I need to work early in the morning in both Richmond and DC. When in Richmond, I can also work at night simply because it isn’t as stressful as working at night in DC.

On Saturday, I was working as a valet. While I was patiently waiting for cars to come in my side of the garage I was going through and deleting old and unnecessary pictures out of my phone. There were some pictures I found that were very inspirational and I shared a few of them with people that would truly be able to appreciate the quotes. One of the things I shared was a caption from a post on Instagram that had reflections on Mark 2:22. It shared how we need to let go of our past in order to allow God to pour new blessings in our lives. I am not 100% sure of what old things I need to get rid of in my life, but I am willing to try to figure out the changes I need to make for newness to come into my life. There have been so many positive sayings that I have screenshots of in my phone. I want to find a way to capture them all in one place and share on a regular basis. Positive sayings used to be somewhat of a cliché to me. Now they truly uplift me and help me move throughout my day or week and just by regularly uplifting me. Even going back and reading some of my old posts uplift me because they show how far I have come. Another thing that motivates me is seeing goals I have written in the past and seeing the ones that I have accomplished and not even making them as goals. That goes to show that God is in everything because only what is for me, will be allow to be for me.

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