Fantastic Friday

Today is a Fantastic Friday. I am excited about all possibilities of what can happen today in life. I have accomplished another goal on my top 5 goals of the year. That is to move out of my mom’s house. Alongside completing the goals that I have achieved on my list thus far has been very rewarding. I am even more committed now to accomplish the other goals. One of them is in the works now as well, which is EXTREMELY EXCITING. Simply because it is something I have been working on for at least 5 years now, with little success. Just not the success I wanted to achieve. There are several things I need to ensure that this dream comes to past and because I have been doing well in 2017 thus far, I will continue to excel.

Today, I was talking to my sister and just had a celebratory positive conversation. It was extremely refreshing because I don’t have many people I talk to that just promote so much positivity. I definitely need that in my life on a regular basis. It just lifts my spirit when I find myself facing a lot of obstacles. I know a couple of things I need to do more regularly is get back to reading and writing more. The regular routine of writing was very uplifting for me and I have repeatedly fallen off and not been where I used to be.

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