Truth, Growth, and Social Media

The first thing that comes to mind I am thankful for is the ministry God has given me to share my truths. One aspect of that has been my blog. I get to regularly share my life experiences this blog. #WorshipWednesday is another place I am fortunate to be able to share my truth. By connecting the experiences I have had to gospel music and sharing some form of Godly wisdom has truly been healing. Also, as an actor I get to share my truth in some manner through characters. I look forward to discovering more truths to continually share.

Next up, I am thankful for GROWTH. I am glad that from yesterday to today, I have grown. From last month I have grown. Praise the Lord for all the growth in my lifetime. Most of my life I have been told I have an old soul, which I would totally agree with. I appreciate the mindset I have in life because I am able to relate to a lot of people. I am able to have respectful and meaningful conversations with my elders. I can relate to my peers on many different levels. We are able to discuss a variety of topics in depth and I can usually relate. The two areas where my relatability lacks are discussing hip-hop music and reality TV. Growing up my mom didn’t really allow me to listen to hip-hop. I am not sad about it at all because in the 90s, hip-hop was turning into a rougher style of music that was not 100% appropriate for a child my age. Not all of it was “gangsta rap,” but there was not need for her to subject me to something she could not explain.   While growing up reality TV was not a popular genre, I only know about scripted TV. Even though I know reality TV has a scripted component to it, I can’t bring myself to engage in the “ratchetness” of it on a regular basis. For that I am grateful. Naturally, somehow I am able to connect with most children. It could be because the experience fo working with children runs in my genes or because they are a bunch of fun to work with. Even though today’s children are nothing like children were when I was growing up, they still are learning how to navigate life. That is the biggest joy of working with children is helping them develop into strong and caring adults.

The third thing I am thankful for today is social media. Before Facebook and Twitter came about and gave social media a name we had websites like MySpace and BlackPlanet where teens my age connected with people via the Internet. The difference with those and the social media is that you had more work today to be considered “social” or in. You had to design your page by using coding and work really hard to add people as friends. Facebook did the same thing but made things much simpler with a “cleaner” look. The reason I am thankful for social media today is because it has helped me grow. Just with quotes people leave on their page. Even now using it is a way to promote my business, my blog, and myself. I am growing how to reach bigger audiences. Social media has helped me grow!

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