#TBT: February 6, 2017

Yesterday, I went to see the play “Top of Bravery,” produced by both AART and Quill Theater. It was a play written by Jeremy Morris who is the son of one of my Aunt’s co-workers. The play was about the life and struggles of Egbert Austin Williams more widely known as Bert Williams. I am sure somewhere in my lifetime, I had heard about Bert Williams, but just can’t place when or where that may have been. After seeing this production I am truly encouraged to learn more about his works. I want to go beyond just his works but dig deeper into the history of more black performers.

As a black actor, I want to ensure I know my history adequately enough to refer to pieces of information that could be used in other works. For example, if I were to read up more on the life of Ossie Davis, I’d want to have a wealth of knowledge about him to play him, quote him, or simply use some technique he may have used in his lifetime.

I am disappointed with myself for my lack of focus with things that I have going on in my life right now. I am trying to regroup my efforts to be able to be more focused. There are just so many things going on that I want to be part of. I need to learn which things are worth my time and which things are not. I realized there is one thing that I have allowed to sneak up as somewhat of a priority in my life that I probably should have paid closer attention to.

I am not focused on what I have in front of me as an opportunity to better my craft. I have not given my best attention and focus to learning my lines for “Carrying the Load.” Each time we have a rehearsal I get more and more nervous, that I am not going to be ready for the show. However, I know that nervousness will kick me into overdrive and push me to want to be better prepared. I never know who may be in the audience when we have our performance. I would like to always hope and pray that maybe there is a film/TV casting director in the audience looking for an actor for their project. Even if there are no casting directors or even agents in the audience, there may be someone who will have an opinion of my performance, and it could change my future. I just know for me to be ready for any of the attention I’d like to receive after this performance, I MUST be off book as soon as possible.

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