Seasonal Relationships

Relationships on this road called life have seasons. There are relationships we have with people we are close to growing up and then grow apart. As I think about the changes in my relationships along my life, there are some I wish had not ended and some after time I am appreciative of that particular chapter ending.

As I journey through the days of figuring out my purpose, I am valuing the relationships of family more on a regular basis. Simply because with family things are not always as complicated as friendships. I think that there are instances when family can be totally complicated because people have not fully healed. At the end of the day family is all we have. When we came in this world, family was there and when we leave family will be there. They are our biggest support system. Recently, I read some very pertinent quotes that truly struck a nerve because they were dealing with the topic of relationships. The first one is what initially inspired this entry. It is lyrics from a hymn called “Farther Along.”

“When death has come and taken our loved ones, it leaves our home so lonely and drear, then do we wonder why others prosper, living so wicked year after year.

(W. B. Stevens)

This quote instantly made me think of relatives I have lost in the past seven years.   I still think of them on a regular. I miss their love and of course the way each of them made me feel special. They affirmed so much in me that I regret not getting to know them more intimately. Things like how were they as a child, knowing favorite pastime memories and even how they got to where they were in life before they transitioned in life. After thinking about what I’ve lost I then wonder why it always seems like we have lost a major piece of ourselves.

The other quote I saw was from an Instagram post:


Isn’t growth a powerful and amazing thing? So many times through life we feel as though everyone that we consider as a friend MUST stay with us throughout our elevation of life. Sometimes relationships and friendships end, but remember to stay true to who you are and your vision. Empty seats at your table of happiness are perfectly fine. They’ll fill up with the right people.”

(Jarell E. Jackson, Certified Life Coach)

The best part however is when we close the door on a relationship we get to grow from it. In thinking about anything that has a growth cycle or phase they have to get rid of some old stuff to make room for the new stuff. If we never stray from who we are at the core, there will always be people to come into our lives to sow seeds. Some of those seeds may grow and flourish. Some of them may not get to see a full harvest. No matter what the end result may be we can at least know that the seeds were planted. If you don’t try at all then you can’t succeed at all.


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