Random Moments of Inspiration

Inspirational ideas come to me at very random moments. These are moments when God is blessing me. Most of my adult life I have gotten a lot of ideas that just pop up in my head randomly. This whole concept and idea of a blog came from inspiration. Some years ago I created a bookmark that I found last year that eluded to me my destiny being fulfilled. I don’t know if the blogs are the end of my destiny, beginning or even part of that destiny. That is why I use the phrase “Meeting My Destiny” also known as #MtgMyDestiny. If I had known back then what I know now, I may have written in my journal more. There is no better time than now through.

Yesterday, I called one of my brothers that I hadn’t talked to in a while. While catching up he mentioned that he recently bought a book to help him with his DJ career. It was so exciting to hear that because I immediately thought of how I have grown closer to enjoying reading as I continue my journey. Not only do I enjoy reading. I told him but also journaling. Just being able to write down some experiences I have had, dreams I want to achieve, and even frustrations is healing. While we talking he mentioned how he has an aggressive plan to read a book in between every pay period. I am realistic enough with myself to not set that type of goal. I will be working to read more and finishing up the books I have started this year.   The reason I need to finish reading these books is because I have a load of books still waiting to read and an arsenal of books to purchase to read. When I got off the phone with him. I had the idea for another acronym related to reading that I have created as a t-shirt.

Most of the t-shirts that I have created came from some type of inspirational idea based on an experience I recently had. For that I have to continue to thank God because without him, I wouldn’t have had the experiences, in order to be inspired, and without the inspiration I would not have had anything to create. Now after creation, I have to work hard to promote. I look forward to having more experiences that inspire ideas on a more regular basis!

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