Self-Care is a Must

Learning how to listen to your body is key in growing and getting older. If we don’t take care of the one body we do have, we may not be granted the privilege of having it for too long. Therefore, I am glad to know what exactly it is my body is saying. This past weekend my body was telling me to slow down and rest. I had been running non-stop pretty much and not getting the ideal amount of sleep. Even with me taking naps throughout the day I was feeling weak after the Staged Reading I was in. So I made the executive decision for my body to not go anywhere else. Not even to go out to Uber. Sunday morning, when I woke I was feeling slightly better. I had to make some decisions whether or not to go to all of the things that I had on my schedule at that point I said the only thing I would go to was my Improv class, since I couldn’t get the money back from paying for that. I am blessed that the two spiritual things I was supposed to go to, understood my absence and even encouraged me to rest.

Growing up I always needed my full night sleep and as a college student, I tried to prove, I was “invincible” and didn’t need sleep. Well I am no longer trying to prove that to myself or anyone else. I am not trying to be the party animal I wanted to be in my 20s post college, after not being much of a party animal in college. Now I just want to take life easy and enjoy it. When there comes a time to go out and “party,” I want to be able to enjoy myself. Just recently I was at a cookout with Alumni and I truly enjoyed myself once I found my wind. I had not been fully rested that day because I started out early going up to MD/DC for two auditions. When I left the cookout, I had to come right back to Richmond to usher for a play and go home to prepare for the next day. The play was hilarious and amazing and I stayed to clean up and congratulate the cast. Then, I went home to get packed because that next day I was going to be on location/set shooting for an independent film in Petersburg. That was a good experience despite the hot weather outside.

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