Thankful Thursday

Good Morning Journal! Today is Thankful Thursday. I am writing to thank God for blessing me with peace in my heart about my current situation in life. I am going to have to it address it now before it gets out of hand, but I have peace altogether. Last week, I had a moment dealing with someone who I almost allowed to take me out of my element. However, I did the most grown up think ever! I walked away and got myself together, calmer and collected. I had to remember the phrase I have on a tee shirt of mine: Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation. I had to use my own words to keep myself calm and it worked.

The next thing I am Thankful for is #WorshipWednesday. When I first started doing it, it was just something to pass the time. Now it has become part of my weekly routine. I am thankful for it because I have had moments of healing for myself and have had people share that they needed what I was sharing. Even with the small viewership on most weeks, I know that I am making an impact. Yesterday’s experience was awesome because of one comment I saw: Heartfelt! There was a song that I played that was truly touching my heart, that triggered this comment.

The third thing I am thankful for today is being able to continue being happy pursuing my acting dream. While a lot of times it feels like a lot of work, it is the most fulfilling work I’ve experienced in a long time. Just last night I noticed something that my acting coach says I do a lot of times. He says that I take a deep sigh when I don’t know the lines and need to lock down at my script. That is something I noticed yesterday when I was practicing with my sister/personal acting coach. I noticed I took a deep breath in the pause/transition. Instead of just looking down I sighed. This has truly motivated me to do more self-taping sessions to observe myself more and more with my on camera nuances.

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