Sleep Discipline

This past week has been extremely interesting. Most of the week I have not gotten the accurate amount of sleep I need. Even when I feel like I have slept for a long period of time, I haven’t. It could be because I am excited about everything going on in my life. I could be nervous of what may happen in my future. It very well could have a lot dealing with being out in the hot summer sun. Whatever it is that has me so tired I need to find a way or ways to regain a sense of energy again. This is not a good feeling. It is also slowing down some of my productivity in working as an Uber driver because I will try to work, but I find myself too tired to function and last too long. Last night, I was out again for the third time in the day and I did not last past 12:30am. When I got home it felt like someone had beaten me up. I definitely know I need to get back in the gym as well as get an appropriate amount of sleep.

I have lost my muscle for being disciplined and I feel as though I need to retrain it. During the time of my first discipline journal, I was extremely focused, driven, energetic, and committed to the task at hand. When I tried to switch it up and get fancy and tried to do two disciplining strategies at a time, I lost the interest to work on disciplining myself again. Also, what I was trying to discipline myself on was too specific and limiting. When I did my first discipline journal it was in a spiritually inspired journal, that I would see at least one scripture every day.

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