LEAP (Love Empower Act Pray)

Last year I made a decision to take a LEAP of faith. This LEAP was to not continue working a full time job, but to pursue full time my Acting dreams. I’ve learned so much about the four words above along this process.


I have to LOVE myself a plenty to continue each day with this process. There are so many times that I have been filled with sad moments. Early on when I was facing rejection, I was not happy. Then something changed when I realized a big part of this industry is rejection because there are so many people trying to fill someone’s imagination with by being an actor in productions. I had to embrace and LOVE rejection.   The rejection has taught me what areas I need to work on as an actor. I also have grown to LOVE other people and their differences. LOVE is an action word, which means I have to treat people how I want to be treated regularly.


When I have my moments of doubt during this year, I have needed to EMPOWER and uplift myself. One way I do this is through music. I will quickly turn to a song that I know will uplift me and make me feel better. It is EMPOWERing because typically the first two songs have messages directly sent from God to help me push through. Another aspect of EMPOWER is the experience God has given me with #WorshipWednesday. I have been able to EMPOWER people with a word and song sent from God for just them.


When you take a LEAP of faith the first thing you must do is ACT. LEAP is an ACTion word, therefore, you must do it! Without taking ACTion and putting things into motion you could easily have just taken a big hop to nowhere. A LEAP means that you are going far by making a drastic motion. For me my drastic motion was making the decision not to go back to working a full time job so I could have a schedule to do whatever I wanted to do in order to move myself forward as an ACTor.


Every day of our lives is a PRAYer. Most people probably don’t realize it, but I am sure everyone says a PRAYer daily in their own way. PRAYer to me is a conversation with God or a higher being who can make a difference in our lives circumstances.   During this year I have grown closer to God and said more personal PRAYers than I have before. The PRAYers have not all been me asking God for something, but a lot of times just thanking him for bringing me to where I was at that moment of the PRAYer.

When you put all four of these ACTion words together: Love + Empower + Act + Pray you have an extremely powerful LEAP of faith. I hope that you will take a LEAP of faith with me to figuring out your purpose in life.

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