July 5, 2017

Clearly, I need to buckle down in life, I need to get out of self destruct mode and into self construct mode. The mode where I no longer am doing things that will distract me on my path to meeting my destiny. The sad thing is that I am easily able to get distracted from accomplishing and achieving my goals when they feel like they are becoming a major challenge. I need to rely and trust God more to help me block my distractions. I need to pray for strength to block them. I need to pray that they will not be an issue for me every day, but that some days I will be so focused and occupied with my purpose, I don’t have time to know what a distraction is.

The other day I was worried on how am I going to buckle down and be ready for two auditions and a video shoot within a week. Then, I remembered something that Tasha Smith said in her workshop class at ABFF. We as actors trying to break into the industry, stress over a three-page audition when as working industry tv actors they may get 100 pages they may have to know in three days. That is another one of those concepts of “to whom much is given, much is required.” As an actor, if I want to feel ready and worthy of landing a role on network or cable television. I MUST, not get stressed over a 3-page audition or a monologue audition.

Part of my journey is not just to make it big time as an actor, but to inspire other people to follow their dreams and they will begin living in their purpose. Yesterday, at a cookout, I was taking some time to go over my live audition today. I did not spend as much time on it as I would have liked to, but I did get some quality time with it. When I was moving about getting some food one of my cousins asked me about how is it going learning your lines. I said it was coming along. She reminded me to keep working hard so that the family can be there to support front row when I make it. She was giving me the encouraging reminder that I am not just doing this for me, but for all the people that I have come across in my lifetime who deposited something positive in my life. It is a reminder that when my light shines, so does their light shine. That makes perfect sense to me because light isn’t drawn from one space, it is a multitude of trillions times infinity pieces of light to form this one space of light. Just like how at night time it takes a lot of stars, the moon, street lights, car lights, and many other forms of light for people to see in the darkness.

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