July 2, 2017

Yesterday and earlier this morning I was working to clear out my emails to make space in my account. As I was going through I saw some emails that made me chuckle because of how it proves that I have been rather consistent with how I do emails since 2010. I don’t like emails very much because it is a live document that can be sent to a lot of people. When responding to tense and dramatic situations, they are not easy.

One of the emails I came across was one that had results to a personality test. My results are ENFP (the campaigner.) I remember taking the test and vaguely remember reading the results as a summary. What I don’t recall reading are the other results that dealt with my personality in regards to environments and relationships with others. The biggest take away I saw is that we are a type of people who like to be free and explore. One thing it suggested I work on as one of my weaknesses, I will say is something I will always have to work on. [It was referring to always trying to multi-task but not really completing a task.] I will have to work on it because there are so many things that I have found I become attracted to in life.

One of the biggest things that I have been attracted to so much in my life is being involved in organizations as a leader. I can’t think of a time since high school that I was not in some type of organization and striving to serve and grow as a leader. Recently, I realized how much I have gotten away from what I truly want to do with my life because of serving as a leader while being an Actor. Each time I work a new project, I can look at is as being in a new organization and serving as either a contributing member or a leader. It just depends on the type of project it is.

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