May 18, 2017

Part of this journey I discovered yesterday, is TRUTH. The first time I caught onto this concept, was when I took a meeting with a colleague to discuss making a promo video to tell my story of my journey as an actor. I had sent a link showing some inspiration that I had gotten from another actor, who basically showcased a day in the life of him. I wasn’t really sure how I wanted my video to flow. I literally had no concept at all. I just know I wanted to do something. He had me share my story and I told him all about this movement of #MtgMyDestiny and “A Journey of Purpose.” From there I shared the background of how I got to where I am. Before I knew it I had a full video concept. I was telling him some pieces I didn’t want to share and he said, you have to tell it because it’s your TRUTH. Yesterday, for #WorshipWednesday, was my Brandy tribute, and the first Brandy song that played was HUMAN from the album of the same name. The song really was focused on being honest and giving yourself the chance to admit your flaws. I was grateful for it to play because I had recently written a letter that shared my truth. When you share your truth, a load lifts off of you. The truth can be heavy the longer you let it rest on your spirit. I am growing to be more truthful and not hold back my feelings as much as I used to. The song also spoke about forgiveness. When I heard this it connected to the truth concept in how asking for forgiveness allows a weight to be removed from your heart. There are a lot of emotional and spiritual weights. I want to live a healthier life. So I am a truly going to go focused and try my hardest to be more truthful and ask for forgiveness more.

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