May 10, 2017

What is a leading man? That is a question I asked two of my friends yesterday. I asked it based on discussion that happened in class. I wondered if by the ideas that they shared if I had leading man qualities. In my mind the concept of leading man is the main male character. In history, I feel like the leading man role has attractive traits according to society. A lot of leading men that get more recognition are tall, handsome, very fit, and have a “deep masculine” voice. I feel as though I only have one of those qualities. The only time I feel people consider me handsome is when I am wearing a suit. When this happens, it makes me feel they like the look of the clothes more than they like the look of the man wearing the clothes. Throughout my life I have never felt as though I am an attractive person. Growing up I never had a girlfriend and no one my age ever told me that you are good looking or attractive. While I know they say that beauty comes from within, I never found the confidence within myself to say “hey Jeffrey, you are a good looking guy.” I never did the whole look in a mirror everyday and say how great I look exercise. However, I know that in my journey to 30 I am working more and more on my confidence. This is a challenge, but one I need to face. Speaking of challenges, I am going to work hard this week to play catch up on my discipline journal. I am probably two weeks behind now because I haven’t even pulled it out in the past weeks. The next challenge I do will be to write in my journal daily something building up my confidence in my appearance.

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