April 29, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom! I can’t begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for me these past “30 years” of my life. Today has been a special celebration for me as we were able to repeat a combo party that we haven’t done in more than 20 years. Wow, God is amazing to still have us be together as Mother and Son. As I reflect on yesteryear watching my Senior Awards Program and Graduation I see how much you groomed me. The birthday card I gave you today was so true: while you were raising me, loving me, and SACRIFICING for me, I was busy learning from you all of life’s most important lessons. One of the lessons that you taught me by simply not allowing me to do certain things it to be mindful of the people I have in my inner circle. Growing up you didn’t allow me to hang out with people whose parent’s you never met. It took me a LONG time to fully understand this, but to me now it means you didn’t want me getting mixed up with bad influences. Although I have had my share of learning experiences with people you would not have approved of back in my under 18 days, I have not gotten too lost or too far gone. That is because of ALL the lessons you taught me such as keeping me in the church. All of these things have to shape me into the DREAMER I am! You supported me when I was young and had dreams of fame and fortune as a child actor. However, I now know I had to go on a journey of my own to get to a place of confidence as an actor. When you shipped me off in August 2005 at Howard, I was full of doubts. No longer am I doubting myself, only growing day by day to be the actor that you supported and nurtured years ago.

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