April 18, 2017

Wow, it has been almost two months since I wrote for the blog. That has been because a lot has been going on and I am trying to play catch up on some things and follow through on others. To play catch up I have been grinding with the acting and going to class regularly and I decided to get back to auditioning to focus on leveling up to get some co-star roles on a television show instead of continuing to do background/extra/ feature type work. Not that they are bad roles things to go after; but when you know better, you try to do better. Therefore, I am working to do better and get a co-star role on a television show. I am still doing research on the possibilities of what shows I can work, realistically, to get a role on. I am watching a lot of shows and imagining myself on any of them. This has been an interesting part of this journey because there have been some hurdles that I have been working to avoid instead of addressing head on. It has been more of a hindrance to avoid than address my issues head on. I was working with the mindset that if I just turn my problems over to God they would go away. I forgot you have to sometimes turn things over to God and sit still in some areas and do work in other areas. Doing #WorshipWednesday has given me a lot of revelations in the songs that I listen to.


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