March 7, 2017

My freedom has slightly changed and as the months come along, it will drastically change.  The good thing is that this change is a positive change.  After my play, I did not intend to go on my auditions.  However, there were some projects that I submitted for before I made the decision to not submit or go on auditions.  I made this decision to be able to have a freer schedule in order to substitute on a daily basis.  I want to be able to sub more, so I can make more money to save and use on the two big trips that I have planned to come up before my 30th birthday.  They are both trips to build and prepare myself for the future.  This is not what I imagined 2017 would look like, but I am learning how to better navigate my journey. Each day is a new day to grow and develop in a new area through all of the tools that I have already and new tools I am picking up as I utilize newfound resources.

The past two weeks I was able to see myself on a movie screen in one sitting, multiple times. The movie “Street Wise,” was an awesome experience and I even became a softie and teared up a bit.  I had forgotten the story line even though I was on set most of the early days.  By he end of the movie, I was ready to do another movie.  I was originally afraid to see myself in the movie, because I didn’t know how I would sound or how my portrayal would come off on the screen. Minus the clothes I was wearing, I was thoroughly pleased with my performance.  The feedback from those in attendance, including my family and friends was positive.  I was smiling from ear to ear with joy and being proud of my work.  I shared my business card with a few people and got one card of someone who can be beneficial to my future this year.

The Saturday, after the movie premiere was already scheduled to be the play “Carrying the Load.” The call time was 10am and because I was already in the DMV, I planned to be on time, with a bit of cushion time to ensure I made it on time.  We sat around for a while and did soundcheck.  We pretty much ran the entire 1st scene and a little more because it was getting close to showtime.  Once we finished our rehearsal it was back to the dressing room and then showtime!

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