February 21, 2017

Wow, I have fallen off in my writing since last Friday.  I don’t know why exactly.  It isn’t like I was beyond busy that I couldn’t give at least 5 minutes time. Typically when I do my daily sentence affirmation I follow it with my blessings in my Book of Abundance.  The last thing I normally do after both of those is write in this journal.  I really would like it if I could start my mornings off with these writings and some water first thing after I wake up each morning.  I just have not gotten to that level of discipline, yet.  I am proud of myself however for the discipline and commitment I have given to my sentence affirmation.  It has slowly but surely helped me realize how much I need to prepare myself for the play “Carrying the Load.”

I am also always proud of myself when I write a short task list on a sticky note.  Typically I finish the whole thing or do some type of work on those lists.  The other day I wrote a list for some emails and communications I needed to send out. I sent out at least 10 or more emails that I needed to send out.  Speaking of emails, I am about to be taking on a new role that will require a lot emails, conference calls, and probably much more.  Not only because of the new responsibility I am going to be embarking on, but because of all the other responsibilities I have. I am not a major fan of email as a form of communication.  I like my emails to be professional, personal, and polite. Most of the times I miss the personal mark, but I tend to get the other two.   I have seen and received so many emails that do not come close to meeting the standards I have for emails.

The one thing about this stage of freedom is that I can make my schedule what I want it to be.  I even have gotten better of figuring out when and how much I should have and need to work to cover upcoming bills.

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