February 14, 2017

Today I sat down at my computer and said I was going to finish a task.  I stuck with it and completed it!  I am beyond proud of myself.  The reason is because I submitted my application for the 2017 American Black Film Festival to be a Volunteer.   This is a major accomplishment because I don’t typically finish applications a month early.  Not only did I finish it, I submitted it.  A small part of me is wishing I had gotten my Mom to proof read it, but I feel she would have so many critiques that would have dragged me submitting the application to next week.  Now that I have this sense of accomplishment I am ready to tackle learning my lines for the play I have coming up.  I want to be close to off book this Saturday.  I am going to be asking fro a lot of people to help me with my lines.  The more I get different people to help me, the better I will get each time. Especially by the time I get to rehearsal.  I want to do extremely well with this performance because to my recollection it is the first time I am portraying a real person and not a fictional character. It is also worthwhile for me to do well, because I don’t know who will be in the audience, who might see my talent. I am not doing theater to get noticed, however it wouldn’t hurt if that were to happen.  Therefore, I need to be READY!  When this play is over I am going to put a pause on trying to do anymore-acting gigs.  That means no more auditions.  I am going to sign up to take more classes.  I am going to read books and scripts galore.  I also plan to do a lot of writing.  Speaking of writing, I am going to need to get some type of protective gear for my hand because when I am focused in my writing, I write hard with a hard grip.   I want to not only write in my journal, my daily betterment/discipline book, or my book of abundance, but I would like to write another script and a book.  I think that the book should serve as a prequel to the script.  This idea just popped up in my head based on a TV series idea I have had for some time that has not quite escaped me.  It is TIME to fulfill and meet my destiny on my own.

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