February 10, 2017

Tapping into your truth on camera is definitely something that I need to practice more and more. Just being in front of bright lights more often and a camera is something I need to continue to practice and better myself on.  In class last night Coach Mark had us work on telling our truth of when someone hurt us or we had experienced pain.  It wasn’t that I was uncomfortable or nervous, I just couldn’t figure out words to take me to a place to build on.  When we were sitting watching other people share their story it was a little rough emotionally.  It was rough because people were giving the backstory to what made them hurt.  One of the feedbacks Coach gave us was to not give much of the backstory, but get right to what it was that hurt us.  I heard that and figured out among the three ideas in my mind, which one I should start with.  I started first by making eye contact and locking in my focus on just my scene partner.  This was a smart move on my behalf, partially.  It was smart because I never lost the concept of what I was working to portray. I just lost any words to be able to say.  There was a major gap in relevancy of words to make my story understood, authentic, and truthful without fabricating information.

For some reason when I thought about acting for the camera, I didn’t think about the need to be truthful. I probably should have realized it when Viola Davis took off her makeup and showed her TRUE COLORS on #HTGAWM. There is not much truth after woman going bare skinned on national TV.

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