February 9, 2017

Being a Gemini I like variety.  Putting me into a routine is very restrictive.  It almost feels like I am suffocating.  I need to have freedom to do the things I please to do.  That is part of why I like being a substitute teacher. I can go to any school I want to. Freedom to move about and come or go as I please is liberating.  I don’t like people knowing all my whereabouts or my every move, even when they say it is only because I care about you.  I still feel suffocated.  If you care about me, just pray for my safety and trust in God that I will be ok.

Recently, I learned about Chakras from my acting coach, Coach Brandon Carter.  He got me to do a little understanding of how people carry themselves based on the science of Chakras.  I thought the biggest thing about me would have been the 3rd eye.  I was wrong the biggest open area of me is Throat.  This means I like to communicate and self-express my feelings.  This is very true and I am going to do some more studying up on Chakras, so I can become more aware of myself as a being on this planet.  Also, to try to learn a faster technique of observing people and how their Chakras might show who they are as people.

It is said that our 20s are a place of self-discovery; well I would like to think that life is a time and place for self-discovery.  As I am on my journey to meet my destiny, I am learning a ton about me that I never truly connected to or embraced before.  This journaling has really helped me expand my thinking and feeling capacities.  As well, with my strong desire to read more this year, and having already completed a few books and plays, I am growing.  I am growing in my knowledge of life.  I am growing in ideas that come to me.  I am even growing my vocabulary, which is something I can vividly remember being against when in the fourth grade almost all the way through high school. My mom was adamant about it, but I think the way she tried to get me to learn was not the best way.  She tried to have me do flashcards, workbooks, and just memorization.  For things dealing with understanding words, I’ve found that I have to be reading some text that interests me to want to better my vocabulary.  For example, if I am reading a book with really difficult words, I would look them up in the middle of my reading and have a more applicable way of understanding of the terms.

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