Divine Communication

One week has passed since the “Living the Dream in 2017: Panel Discussion” focused on Black Wealth and Economics. I am truly proud of the event, in its 3rd year. The panelists were amazing, and little did I know that they would be speaking to me. There were so many things they touched on as far as being a business and how to brand your business. One of the panelists said something that confirmed for me, that I as an Actor am a business.

Therefore, I am taking the necessary steps to put me in a position to do just that make me Jeffrey Charles Fleming, a business.

In this journey of becoming the actor I am destined to be, I am grateful for God sending people in my life to speak positivity, well wishes, and spiritual tidbits confirming what I have been feeling or saying needs to happen in my life.

The most challenging aspect that I am getting better and better at facing are all the financial responsibilities I have. I know God will always provide my needs, so I am not worried as much as I was when I had my first major financial hole to dig myself out of. At one point it felt like I was digging through an underground tunnel never getting close to the end to resurface, but God made it possible.

Music has definitely been my saving grace. That is why on Wednesdays, I go live on my Instagram page having what I like to call #WorshipWednesday. I am actually planning to make it a more permanent entity in my Wednesday schedule. The first time I did it, I was listening to my favorite gospel music group, The Walls Group. Their album “Fast Forward,” spoke so many different affirmations and blessings to my heart. It caused a nice sense of peace and tranquility to situations that had recently occurred. Listening to gospel music when I am going through a storm always reminds me of God’s love, mercy, and faithfulness to me. I need to continue working on the same things to him. I need to pray more, praise more, and read and study his word more. Recently, I have been reading a scripture or two daily, but not put any study time into what it means. I am praying for that to be something that I do grow in. When it comes to the one song, that I can always count on to take me to a special place with God; I listen to “Step Aside,” by Yolanda Adams. The song just does something huge for me. It reminds me that no matter how strong I may be in my life, I need to step to the side and let God handle things that are weighing me down.

Even though I was expecting MAJOR things to happen this year, I am willing to accept whatever may or may not happen. This is just a year for me to be joyful in my growth and I am overjoyed about life’s possibilities. I can’t thank God enough for not giving up on me and helping me see I had not lost my gift, my passion, or my will to be a working actor. If my journey does nothing else for you than to help you through another day, I’ve made a difference in someone’s life. If I inspire you to connect with your purpose, ordained by God, then I have served my higher purpose of inspiring others. Success does not happen over night, but over God’s time.

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