2013: Number 4 of 4

A couple of months I was presented with an opportunity by a family friend to do a YouTube video shoot. A co-worker of hers had a blog that he wanted to have some of his entries turn into live action videos.  I met with him after reading several of his blog entries.  At our meeting he asked me to read an excerpt out of a book he had written.  The section he wanted to read had two characters: a schizophrenic patient and a doctor.  I read both parts and tried to bring life to both characters separately. This was challenging but I was able to do it, and the author was extremely grateful for my interpretation. Before we left he told me which blog entry he wanted me to get familiar with.

Since March 7th, I have been working and waiting for this production to come together and be released on YouTube.  It will be a starting place to show off my acting chops on YouTube.  I am excited and very nervous all at the same. I don’t know why but I don’t like to hear my voice on any type of recording, especially not when I am speaking.  It always sounds so feminine even when I turn on all the bass and masculinity in my voice. We had our first shoot in April and I felt we did very well.  Even the director/creator was pleased with the product.  However, a few days later we got an email saying because we did the shoot outside, with a lot of background noise, we would have to do a reshoot.  That was not very upsetting I definitely want to be understood because the video has some good laughing moments to it.  In the time that we were waiting to hear back there was one thing I did not do that in looking back, I wish I did.  Work on continuing to develop the character I was portraying.

Before the first time that we recorded, I had a friend of mine help me figure out exactly who the character was.  What was his point in telling the story he was telling?  How he would feel while recounting this story?  The different hand gestures he would or wouldn’t make while telling the story.  Just in working with her I saw a lot of different sides to my character that I most likely would have never seen.  When I went back for the reshoot, I tried to play over in my head some of the questions that my friend asked me in order to do better.  We did our second shoot indoors at a community facility, in June.  This has been a 3 month process, but I feel it is sort of preparing me for what I want to ultimately do, screen (movie) and TV acting.

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