2013: Number 2 of 4

My dream goal of being an actor is to work with the greatest black actors and actresses one day in my lifetime.  That list starts with my favorite rapper who crossed over to become a successful actor, Will Smith.  I admire Will the most because he has made a lasting impression on my favorite season of the year, summer.  I first began to track his career through re-runs of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” His drive to become a better actor, when he knew it wasn’t a strong skill of his makes me want to continue to better me as an artist.  Will is also extremely well known for starring in major summer blockbuster films. During the years of his fame, he has also managed to build an empire and a legacy.  His name will forever be etched in my brain as one of the greatest there is.  When I get the chance to work with Will, I will have achieved a great milestone in life.

The next person that is on my list of greats to work with is Brandy Norwood. Aside from her work on her TV show “Moesha,” Ms. Norwood showed her greatest acting chops to me in her role in Double Platinum.  She played the role of an unforgiving and heart broken daughter extremely well.  When I have seen her portray a character that has been hurt to the point of no return, I can feel her emotions in full blast.  From her musical repertoire you can tell that Brandy has experience a fair share of heartache in her life in order for her to Trump the emotions that she does.  Besides the fact that she is my favorite musical artist of all times, I have the strongest desire to be able to one day act in a scene alongside her.

Howard Alumnae Taraji Henson and Phylicia Rashad are the next two greats on my list.  I give them the utmost respect for anything putting a lot of hard work and time into bettering their craft. While I don’t know both of their personal journeys to what all it took to get to where they have been and where they are now, I know it was through perseverance.  One of the main reasons I attended Howard University was because of Phylicia and her sister Debbie Allen.  Both of their works were familiar to me and I knew they were products of “The Mecca.” This only made my decision that much easier.  Since Taraji did an outstanding job in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” I have paid attention to her career from a distance. She started out in mainstream as Yvette in “Baby Boy.” While that move was in the late 90s early 00s, it shows the growth Ms. Henson picked up in the substance of her roles.  While I love her role in “Baby Boy,” I am glad that she could play roles that don’t only portray black women as a baby mother, a jezebel, or a mammy.  If I am fortunate to get the pleasure with these two women, I know that my Howard experience was not in vain.

The last three people are people I would want to work with just because they have been in a number of stellar productions and have received numerous accolades for their work. They would be Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, and Kerry Washington.  My recollection of Denzel’s acting is in “The Preacher’s Wife” along with the late great Whitney Houston.  Mr. Washington has proven a plethora of times that no matter the material he will shine through.  Not only that, Mr. Washington is a humanitarian.  I am inspired to be like him and give of myself not only through my talent, but my time and my financial blessings.

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